A Guide to the Best Lesbian and LGBTQ Bars and Clubs in Atlanta

Last Updated 26.01.2023
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If you have visited and experienced the nightlife in Atlanta, then it might be impossible to deny how much fun the state has to offer. Of course, Atlanta might not be as popular as Orlando or San Francisco. Still, Atlanta is one of the best LGBTQ-friendly states in the country. 

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Known as the Gay Capital of The South, the community here is highly diversified into talented artists, passionate activists, and of course, the famous gay bars and clubs. If you want to bar hop, the vibrant LGBTQ nightlife is centered around four neighborhoods; Little five points, Old, fourth ward, Midtown Atlanta, and Decatur.

While Midtown Atlanta seems to be the city's epicenter, southeast Atlanta and east Atlanta also have a few gem bars you ought to try.

If you are a queer-identifying female in Atlanta looking for great bars in town to hang out with peers or meet new people, there are a few clubs and bars out ought to try out.

Awesome Lesbian Bars Atlanta Has to Offer

1. Bulldogs

Not only is this bar the only Original Atlanta Black Gay Pride party spot in the south, but it's also one of the best gay bars countrywide. Launched in the 70s, the Bulldogs nightclub has continually offered great music and inexpensive drinks to its regulars, making it the perfect venue to hang out with your peers.

If you feel you want to take a little breather from the cocktails and the music, you can always step out into the patio.

2. My Sister's Room

The Sister bar in Old Fourth Ward is the best lesbian bar in the country. Located in an East Atlanta village, My Sister's Room is a lesbian-owned and operated venue that has been in business for decades, and it continues to offer top-tier services to its regulars. Enjoy a full kitchen, bottle service, stiff cocktails, live shows, burlesque performances, and community-oriented philanthropy causes.

My Sister's Room is a special bar because it caters to a large diversity of customers in the Midtown and southeast area. You don't have to be a lady who loves ladies to enjoy what this bar has to offer. This bar is a haven for ladies looking to have a great time. There's enough space for people to dance and mingle out on the deck. On weekends, the doors to Sister open at 6 pm, and you can kick off the evening in style.

3. Marquette Lounge

With most lounges and clubs investing in websites and social media presence, the people at Marquette truly believe that whatever happens there remains there. To this effect, this bar in West Atlanta has a very limited online presence.

However, this bar is highly active, and it offers several themed events throughout the week. Other than great music, you can enjoy the featured events such as the Turn Up Tuesdays, Wasted Wednesdays, or Hush Night on Thursday, which celebrates Trans performers.

The spot is open to the public at 11 pm, so you can be sure the party does not stop till the sun comes out.

4. Mary's

If you're looking for the best turn-up place Decatur Atlanta has to offer, then East Atlanta is where you ought to be. Mary's is the best bar on this side of the city, and it is hard to argue with the steady flow of booze, the great crowd, and the party rolling inside. This is one of the city's favorite spots for lesbians whose happiness rules the world.

The Mary bar in East Atlanta brags of show-stealing hosts, great bartenders, and happy patrons who unapologetically want to have a good and relaxed time.

Other than the unpredictable parties in this Atlanta's gem, there are great karaoke sessions you must try. They have other 15000 songs available! The DJs here didn't come to play, and they hit off the night with banger hits and top charters videos.

5. 10th & Piedmont

The Atlanta's Rainbow Crosswalks are not the only attraction at the intersection corner of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue in Midtown Atlanta. This spirited community-based restaurant brags of a very expansive menu that offers southern staples, vegan options, seafood, and everything in between.

Like a magical fairytale, this venue and the adjoining spot, G's Midtown, transform into the perfect social setting that offers karaoke and countless cocktails. So if you are looking for a great place to eat, drink, meet new people or leave with someone, there is no better-suited venue.

6. Las Margaritas

If you're looking for a new partying experience, then you ought to try the Las Margaritas bar in Midtown Atlanta. This spot is a great fusion of LGBTQ effervescence and heavy Latin Influence. Other than the Latin vibe, this bar is heavily fueled by booze, so it is no wonder their Cinco de Mayo block parties are such a hit.

This spot is temporally closed, so watch out for relaunch dates in the future.

7. Woofs

This venue is the only gay sports bar in Atlanta City, and this explains the hype around it. Enjoy the games and matches as you sip your bar fare and order perfectly chilled cocktails at Woofs.

There are dozens of television screens around, so you can enjoy watching your game in comfort and without missing a single moment. 

Woof strives to maintain a friendly environment where persons from the LGBTQ can interact, have fun and catch a game.

Other than rocking the entertainment industry in Decatur, the Woofs sports bar also sponsors numerous gay sports teams, organizations, and non-profits. They also support numerous LGBT programs.

8. Sanctuary Night Club

This establishment has been in business for over 25 years, and it continues to be the best Latin nightclub in Atlanta. While the setup might be upscale, the club is designed to accommodate everyone and ensure they get the best experience. LGBT Saturday allows you to experience great music by the guest DJs, and you can dance all evening long to salsa, reggaeton, merengue, bachata, and more.

9. The Heretic Atlanta

This bar is famously known for its international DJs themed live events and as the home of the weekly drag show Stars of the Century. However, this venue is great for patrons seeking a spot for entry-level fetishes such as jocks, leather, and the occasional DILF sighting.

The heretic is also a popular spot for bears, and their broad shoulders and hairy chests take over the night.

10. Friends on Ponce

If you're looking for a gay club that allows you to get physical as you get drunk with your friends. This establishment has been in business for the longest time, and it offers activities such as video games, pool tables, darts, pinball, and trivia nights. There's also a jukebox in the room, in case you're nostalgic for the 70s-90s eras.

This LGBTQ spot is great for those who want to party, play games, listen to live music and the jukebox, watch the view, or a place to relax as you sip your cocktails. The doors open at 2 pm every day.

11. Wrecking Ball Brew Pub

This spot is located on Moreland Ave NE in Little Five points. It is popular for its great service, excellent food, a wide variety of drinks and beers, and exceptional service. The establishment is a Victorian building that, at one point, has been a church, a home, and a dance studio. This spot in Little Five points is LGBTQ-friendly, and you can be sure to have a great time here regardless of your sexuality or identity. It's a great spot to meet with peers and family or even your date!

12. Stone Mountain Public House

If you're looking for a calm place that serves good food and drinks, then this little bistro in the charming village of Stone Mountain, Georgia, is your best bet. However, this place is best known as a cigar and piano bistro. Patrons with a membership enjoy several perks, but this is not necessary.

As the restaurant with only 6 indoor tables, you are strongly advised to make a reservation. Truly, this spot is Atlanta's best-kept secret.

13. Phase One or Phase 1

This nightclub is located on Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, and it is the best lesbian bar Atlanta has to offer. While lesbians make up a bigger part of the crowd, the spot is open to the entire spectrum of the LGBT. The music here is predominantly hip-hop, and the vibe is urban trap.


There are about 14 states countrywide that can brag about having a functional lesbian bar, and Georgia is amongst them. In addition, the LGBTQ+ community celebrates more pride events compared to the other states. Other than Pride month in June, Atlanta also celebrates Atlanta Pride in October and Black Gay Pride around September. There is also a National Coming Out Day.

You don't have to wait till June to celebrate your pride, and is there a better place to celebrate your pride than the city of Atlanta?

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