A Guide to Choosing The Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Club or Venue For a First Date

Last Updated 23.06.2023
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When it comes to planning your first date, the club is a great choice. You can dance, vibe to great music, even catch a live performance. The challenge is finding a spot that’s fun, energetic, not too loud, and attracts a great crowd.

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What Makes a Club a Good Venue For a First Date?

Clubs tend to be much more welcoming of members of the LGBTQ community than many other places. LGBTQ+ friendly nightclubs offer a place for queer people to sit around, mingle with each other, and connect through a love of music and dancing. 

How to Find a Good Club or Venue For a First Date

When it comes to finding a good club or venue for a first date, there are some things you need to look out for. Here is a short guide on how to find the best club for you and your partner.

Know What You’re Looking For!

It is likely that you and your date have already thought about what kind of club you both want to visit. Unless you’ve been put in charge of planning things. In that case, we hope you know their likes and dislikes. The pressure is on!

There are many kinds of clubs, techno clubs that play lots of heart-pumping electronic music, clubs that focus more on hip-hop music, honky tonk country clubs that get you moving with country hits, and even relaxed clubs that play smooth jazz. Maybe a live music venue would be ideal for the two of you?

There are also clubs that focus on different types of activities. While you can almost always find a dance club or ten in every major city, you may find that there are clubs that focus on different kinds of activities. In addition to music and dancing, you can find clubs with arcades, drag shows, karaoke, sports, and plenty of other things to see and do. 

By making a list of exactly what you want to do and enjoy when you go to a club, you will be more likely to narrow down the list of possibilities. 

Ask Around

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to find the best clubs. Your friends and family know what you like. See if they have any recommendations. Remember that not all clubs advertise. Those awesome, underground places? You won’t see those on an internet search.

Check Social Media Pages

How do you know if a club is going to be the ideal place for yourself and a first date? Check out its social media page. Look at the pictures, customer engagement, and events. You’ll learn quite about the club and the crowd it attracts.

Use Google

When it comes to looking for anything, it seems that Google is always the first choice that people tend to go with when they look for something. Google is often used as a reliable way to find the venues that are close by. 

Tap Into Queer Online Spaces

Do you want the most brutally honest, unfiltered reviews and recommendations on the clubs in your area? Tap into the queer online community in your area. That’s where you will find out which clubs have the best staff, strongest drinks, and the kind of people you want to sit with. You’ll also find out about the spots that have been taken over by straight folks, serve watered-down drinks, and haven’t updated the bathrooms since 2003.

Check Out DICE

When it comes to local, queer-friendly clubs and events, you can count on DICE. This independent, ticketing platform is an industry disruptor. It’s the place to research upcoming shows and events. Then, when you’re ready to buy tickets, DICE will make that happen. That’s because they operate on principles of fairness and inclusivity. Everyone should have a chance to get tickets to the greatest shows, not just the richest or luckiest. Give them a try!

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