7 Amazing LGBT Minecraft Servers to Check Out

Last Updated 16.02.2022
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Whether you're a casual gamer or play video games as a hobby, you've undoubtedly heard of Minecraft. Released in 2009 and published by Mojang Studios before being bought by Microsoft, this game revolutionized how online role-playing is done. While games like Terraria, Stardew Valley, and even Garry's Mod allow you to create custom servers to play around with, Minecraft servers are more dynamic and persistent. Here are some great reasons to play:

  • Very easy to pick up and play
  • It inspires teamwork, collaboration, and communication
  • It teaches you about problem-solving and resource management
  • It allows you to meet amazing people from around the globe
  • It has seemingly endless replayability

There are literally thousands of Minecraft servers out there, ranging in themes, rulesets, and communities. LGBT servers are an amazing way for you to meet new people and play a great online game in a safe online environment without negative vibes. Here are the best ones to check out.

"Whoever you are, whoever you love, Minecraft is for everyone" - Official Minecraft Twitter Account

LGBT Empire

LGBT Empire is a survival server with a friendly, inviting LGBT community of like-minded gamers. The server is welcoming to both LGBTQ+ members and their allies, promoting a fun, safe, and relaxing online environment for everyone. The server has its own Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as a Discord server with links on its website. Check the site and the server out if you're looking for some quality LGBT gaming.

Prism Party

Prism Party is a community, first and foremost. This is because the server is home not only to hardcore gamers but also to anyone who identifies with the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. The server features two modes - creative and survival. The former lets players create stuff and simply play with each other while the latter lets them fight mobs in a PvE environment. The server hosts a plethora of events each month so you'll always have something new to look forward to here. Prism Party features its own site and socials, so give them a go the next time you're online!


Alliumvale is one of the most recent servers based around the LGBT community but it's nothing to scoff at. The server has a clear policy on what it is trying to accomplish. The server's creators want to facilitate a secure, welcoming online environment both for LGBTQ+ and their allies from around the world. Custom server mechanics like teleportation, portals, Blink Pearl, and others are already integrated into Alliumvale with more features on the way. This is an up-and-coming survival server worth keeping an eye on if you're looking for a great PvE LGBT world to play in. Check out their website for more information on how to join!


LGBT Chat is a very popular server because it is not focused solely on role-playing. This server has been around since 2019 and is focused on survival mode. What's interesting is that you don't really have to "play" on the server as intended. You can simply chat with other people from the community, share stories, ask for advice, and do so in a safe, troll-free environment. LGBT Chat has perks like various curated events, level-up perks, different player roles to choose from, and a very active user base to game with - don't sleep on this one!

Vervain's Arcadia

Based on their website and ruleset, Vervain's Arcadia is a mature LGBTQ+ community server where you can be yourself at all times. They feature a very active Discord community and a huge server map that never resets. Paired with engaging events and mini-games, Vervain's Arcadia can really become your next online hub. This server is technically split into two - Arcadia and Technia, with the former running on the latest version while the latter runs on vanilla settings. Check it out if you're on the lookout for an adult, friendly community where you can not only role-play but discuss mature questions and worries with like-minded people worldwide.


Queercraft is one of the biggest gaming community servers focused on LGBTQ+ and their allies. Their brand has grown quite a bit recently and has even qualified for Amazon Smile as of 2021, becoming recognized as a nonprofit organization. Queercraft features both vanilla and modded settings on its server, allowing both role-playing and casual players to enjoy its features. As its name suggests, the community is open to trans, bisexual, lesbian, and every other LGBTQ+ community. You can follow along with Queercraft's announcements and events via their website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook groups, as well as their Steam community. 

Grandma's House

Grandma's House is one of the most wholesome places out there. Its mascots are Grandma Katie (she) who is bisexual, Grandma Fiona (she), and Grandma Ruth (she/they). It markets itself as an LGBT+ safe space with zero tolerance for negativity and LGBTQ+ phobias. Based on its last ping, Grandma's House is a survival hub with a scheduled events calendar and plenty of role-playing opportunities. You can be a trader, a castle lord, a warrior, or anything you feel like playing on that particular day. Check out Grandma's House's Tumblr and Discord if you want to find out more about them. They're a super-friendly community of individuals who want to support one another - you'd fit right in with them in a matter of minutes.

Playing on LGBT Minecraft servers is an amazing way to enjoy gaming and stay very far away from trolls or intolerance. Each server has its own website with clearly-outlined rulesets, event calendars, and codes of conduct based on their last ping. If you follow the instructions on their site, you'll be more than welcome to play as much as you want. Thanks to great moderation, each server is free of harassment and negativity, making them great hubs for LGBTQ+ communities online. Whether you're a member of the community or an ally, you're welcome in every one of the Minecraft servers on our list.

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