5 Famous Gay Dads

Last Updated 02.10.2018
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With gay marriages becoming more and more accepted in our society, the concept of the LGBT family with kids is becoming more common within our community as well. And although there is a constant fear of judgment and your kids not being accepted in their social circles, the examples of some famous gay dads prove that there is nothing to worry about. Here are some of our favourite gay dads proving the world that gay dads are awesome!Bradley Darryl WongA famous dad, an award-winning actor is more known as B.D. We know him from movies such as Seven Years in Tibet and Jurassic Park. B.D had a very dark time in his life when one of his sons died in a very tragic way. In order to fight the dark days, Bradley turned to humor to get himself through those dark days and later published a book about his experiences of being a gay dad and surrogacy titled “Following Foo: the Electronic Adventures of the Chestnut Man”.Colm O’GormonNot as famous as B.D., but still a very well known activist, the head of Amnesty International Ireland and the founder of One in Four, born in Ireland in 1966 Colm is a wonderful example and role model for many.Colm is mostly known as an advocate for child abuse victims, and campaigning against sexual violence. But in his personal life, Colm is a husband to Paul, with whom they have two wonderful children. Here is what he describes parenthood like: “I feel very, very lucky and hugely privileged to be a dad. It’s been wonderful, challenging, joyful, frustrating. Any parent will recognize what an extraordinary privilege it is to be a parent in all its complexities”.Neil Patrick HarrisNeil is well-known as a writer, producer and director, who has also starred in a number of hit TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Doogie Howser, MD as well as blockbuster movies including Harold & Kumar and Gone Girl.In terms of his family life, Neil lives a very subtle life with his husband David Burtka and their two children. Despite the fact that David and Neil have been dating since 2004, Neil only came out in 2006, and already in 2010, they had twins: a boy and a girl — courtesy of a surrogate mother. They announced their engagement almost right after the gay marriage have gotten legalised, leading to their marriage in 2014.Sir Elton JohnOf course, it is obvious that no list of famous gay dads would be complete without the inclusion of megastar Sir Elton John. Having always been at the forefront of gay rights, Elton got together with husband David Furnish in 1993 forming a civil partnership the same day it became legal and later marrying when the law changed again. And as it usually happens, a bit later after getting married, the couple has also discovered the joys of parenthood, becoming fathers to two boys, Zachary and Elijah. Sir Elton is having the best time as a father of two and inspires the rest of us to follow his steps: “I just never thought that fatherhood could bring me so much joy, and I came to fatherhood late in the day, but it’s been one of the miracles of my life”.Kordale LewisSo far we’ve been telling you of awesome gay dads, who have one or two kids only, but don’t think that this is a general rule for gay families. Kordan Lewis proves all of us that gay dads are not only capable of having many kids — they are outstanding at fatherhood! As a father of two boys and two girls, Kordale Lewis and his then partner Kaleb presented a rare moment of positivity, at a time when racial tensions were running high and they hope to change the prejudice towards black gay families, which we fully admire and send our full love and support to this stunning family!

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