18 Best Gay Jockstrap Brands to Up Your Underwear Game

Last Updated 23.02.2022
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Whether you're new to wearing different types of sexy underwear or not, there is nothing sexier than a gay jockstrap. There are many different colors and designs to choose from and each jockstrap has its own style depending on the occasion you want to wear it in.

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If you're new to wearing jockstraps, you're probably looking to find a safer choice that resembles the more traditional briefs you're used to wearing. These provide better coverage and can easily be worn on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to choosing the right jockstrap for your needs, another factor you need to take into consideration is the different brands that offer this underwear. Each has different styles for you to choose from and finding the right one can be confusing. In order to help you out, here are some of the best jockstrap brands and styles for gay men to choose from.


Agacio is a brand known for its men's underwear collections and it truly offers some amazing options for athletes and active men that love wearing jockstraps during sports. Their protective jockstrap pouch is ideal for keeping your privates in place during the most demanding of exercises while staying comfortable and stylish.

This jockstrap brand is also known for implementing a sack-lifting technique which allows for even more security during sports. They use a combination of materials such as modal, polyester, and spandex so you get that comfortable yet luxurious wear at a really good price.

They also currently have an underwear sale going on so make sure you tell your besties in your gay chat and you run to their website to take advantage of the discount and stock up on those comfy jockstraps.

Good Devil

Good Devil is an underwear brand that specializes in jockstraps and has so many different options to choose from. Whether you are looking for something that you are able to wear every day or something a lot sexier for intimate times with your man, Good Devil has you covered-kind of.

Most of the jockstrap options you will come across have sexy and special designs and use all sorts of materials such as bands of all thicknesses, steel rings, and mesh nets. While these can offer some support, Good Devil also has quite a few cheeky options which are crotchless and super sexy.

Daddy Underwear

If you're into the idea of garters, Daddy Underwear is an underwear brand that you will love. Apart from some more comfortable options with a thicker and more comfortable waistband, they also have a sexy design that resembles garters.

These can be found as crotchless, with a thin mesh or a combo of steel rings and other thinner bands. In general, most of the options from this brand are sexy underwear that you will not want to take off. Another big plus is that they also have some older models rocking their gay jockstrap designs and we all love seeing body representation in underwear campaigns.

These are very fashionable and super comfortable and of course, a very sexy design to choose from. The iconic Daddy logo on their underwear is such an eye-catching addition, especially when it's placed on the backside of the waistband.


Intymen has a great selection of jockstraps that are less risky and perfect to style on an everyday basis. Their straps are much thicker, they are a lot more supportive and the coverage is great. At the same time, they choose very stylish colors and designs for their gay jockstrap options and this makes Intymen an amazing brand for beginners.

These are the types of jockstraps that will make any sophisticated, formal pants look amazing on you and will keep all the gay men staring at you behind. They are also less of a risk for new jockstrap wearers who are looking for support, good form, and a thicker waistband and pouch so they feel like everything will stay in place at any time.

Andrew Christian

Designer men's jockstraps are indeed a thing and Andrew Christian probably has the best and most versatile selection of jocks you could also for. Their underwear goes all out and has everything from glitter, metallic touches, nets, and other playful patterns and materials incorporated into their jocks.

A thing you will love about the Andrew Christian brand is that they are not scared to use light and even neon colors. They have some great pride-themed pairs as well in their shop that you are bound to love. Also, they offer a 20% off sale right now when you use the code 20HLU at checkout so make sure you take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Miami Jock

Miami Jock definitely features some of the sexiest jockstraps on this list and is one of the few that are not afraid to use leather in their designs. Their designs are very sexy and unique and are probably not ones you want to wear under your everyday clothing as their material is rather thick.

These are specially made for intimate times as they are very revealing and hide very little if anything at all. If this is the type of jockstrap you're on the search for then you will probably want to add them all to your cart. Any pair you choose is bound to provide you and your boyfriend with some exciting times.

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete has more versatile designs ranging from more revealing ones to ones that fully cover your assets. These are a lot easier to put on an everyday basis and look great under most things in your wardrobe.

Also, their colors are not too bright or intense which is great for using them every day. At the same time, their more revealing pieces can help you ease into wearing sexier ones without having to go too far out of your comfort zone.

They have a great variety of colors and patterns for their underwear but at the same time are comfy and easy to wear. Thanks to their pouch design they offer a lot of coverage while still being stylish and giving you the perfect form.


Pump is one of the most popular jockstrap brands which is made for fitness enthusiasts. They are supportive, come in a very large array of colors, and are specifically made for use on a day-to-day basis. This makes them perfect for the gym but also for work and anywhere else you need to go.

While it has been created in Canada, they cater to customers all over the world and even have a great European site, making their jockstrap and the rest of their underwear line accessible to guys everywhere.

Their mens jockstraps as well as other underwear pieces are known for their close form that offers a lot of support while having the least amount of fabric possible. They are the answer to every fitness enthusiast's prayers and you definitely need to give any of the jock options a try.

Calvin Klein

While you might have thought that Calvin Klein is only popular for their briefs, they also have a small selection of jockstrap underwear designs that are super comfortable and come in many different colors. While you won't have to search long on their website to find them, their jockstrap options are fashionable, comfy, and will pump your backside enough to make it look amazing in any outfit.

A big plus is that they ship their underwear worldwide so whether you are in Indonesia or in Australia, you are bound to have access to your favorite designer pieces. Also, since they are an international brand, you are more likely to find videos of their models showing off their underwear so you can have a better idea of the fit of the jockstrap you're buying.

Cover Male

This is another brand that focuses on providing its customers with comfort and style. Cover Male makes their jockstraps with a high-quality protective contoured pouch and a great elastic band. They mainly offer solid colors but have many options to choose from.

If you take a minute to browse through their website you will see that they might have a large number of different options but all of them are bound to provide you with a comfortable option for putting on every day at your job or at home.

Most importantly, if you want to save some money, all you have to do is sign up as a new user to their newsletter to get a 20% off code, so you can pay less for more comfy undies on their site. This will help you add quite a few new pairs to your collection and enjoy different styles while staying comfortable.

Arjen Kroos

If you're looking for a very affordable underwear brand that you will be able to find on Amazon, Arjen Kroos is a great option. The selection of different styles of underwear you will come across is truly very large and they have a jockstrap for every guy. Most importantly every price is reasonable and this means that you can stay in fashion for less money.

The theme of their jocks collection varies quite a bit as they have simpler pieces but also ones with graphic logos, colors, and various designs. You will find anything from sexy mesh pieces to jockstraps that offer a lot of support and thicker waistbands.

Also, since they are exclusively on Amazon, you can browse through underwear reviews from other users on the site, contact them for questions on sizes, and even access their shop through the Amazon app you probably have installed on your phone.


Hung is another brand that offers affordable yet flexible jockstrap options. They mainly carry red, blue, black, and white jockstrap color options and the designs are sexy yet perfect for every day. You will even be able to find a design with a thin waistband which you can hide better below tight pants.

The website that carries their products is currently running a discount and you can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $35. If you weren't sold to make a purchase before, this is bound to seal the deal.

Mundo Unico

Mundo Unico is another Amazon underwear store brand which is created in the country of Colombia and they even sell their products in Walmart. While they have an extensive collection of briefs and other types of underwear, they also carry quite a few jockstrap pieces on their website.

Their jockstrap underwear collection is known for its funky patterns and comfortable waistbands that feature their logo and are made of soft polyester. They come with a comfortable yet protective pouch which makes each pair great for everyday use.

Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi might be a little more expensive when compared to other underwear brands on the list but they are definitely creating some amazing products you will immediately want to add to your cart. With over 90 options to choose from, you will probably end up increasing your underwear collection significantly as these are some of the comfiest jockstrap pieces you will come across.

Most of their jockstrap underwear comes in neutral colors like black, gold, nude, and white, as well as a few colored pieces. This is also the case with their briefs, swimwear, and different underwear types. This makes for a very sexy collection that is yet very luxurious and expensive looking.

One of the coolest things is that they also offer a corset and jockstrap duo that attach to each other with straps. These come in different colors so you can look even fitter under your clothing. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, you will also see the Greek meander prevalent near their logo on many of their pieces.


This underwear brand is one that has quite a good collection of jockstrap options for guys to choose from. Their jockstrap collection offers great support, fun styles, and a thinner waistband design which many guys prefer over the more traditional thick ones.

While they don't focus on providing you with sexy underwear with more revealing designs, their underwear options cover anything from briefs to thongs and you are bound to find something you truly love. This is also another great option for beginners to jockstrap designs who want to go for comfort before they delve into sexier designs.

Their logo can be found on the waistband of most of the underwear in their collections and this only adds to their more simplistic styles. Most importantly, they are currently running a discount on their website so make sure to add a pair or two to your cart now.


Mckillop has a much smaller selection of jockstrap options than other brands but their underwear is very comfortable and stylish. They sport a much thinner and breathable mesh material on the pouch and have a much thicker waistband that carries their brand logo in the middle.

The color of their collection is black. They also offer a few different styles without additional straps behind the thighs which make for a much more sexy piece of underwear that is impossible to detect below any piece of tight clothing you might have worn.


Jockmail is another underwear company with a great selection of jockstraps for every need. Not only do they have simple jockstrap options for every day, but they also carry a lot of fun designs with different colors and sexy patterns which can be worn for any occasion.

With over 170 products to choose from, they definitely have the right underwear that will suit your fashion style and needs. Whether you need a sexy and revealing spandex pair or you would prefer a more comfortable and secure piece that can support you through a workout, all you have to do is give their website a search.

A big plus is that their website is not only user-friendly but also easy to access and find exactly what you need through the right filters. All you have to do is add some data in the filters and find exactly the type of jockstrap you're looking for.

CellBlock 13

If bright colors and sexy designs are your things, then look no further. Cell Block 13 is an LA-based brand that loves to push the boundaries of men's underwear and combine it with fetish pieces and lingerie. This truly highlights the fashion accent of their pieces and the versatility of their underwear.

While most of their underwear pieces might not be for everyday use, you can definitely find a few different pairs you could put on for ing a gay dating rendezvous. In general, you will still find a jockstrap that you can simply not live without if you search their site. They also sell some cool body harnesses you can combine your jockstrap with for a much more sexy pump to your underwear collection.

Finding the perfect underwear style for you

Experimenting with new underwear and styles is always fun and can help you discover your unique identity and style as a gay man. Whether you end up loving jockstraps or not giving them a try is a great idea as their features can make you feel more confident in your body.

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