10 gay tattoo ideas

Last Updated 24.07.2018
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We have all been in the situations of frustration when you are trying to figure out whether the stranger you are feeling utterly attracted to is gay or not. Imagine you being that stranger and someone dying to know whether they can hit on you. There are obviously plenty of ways to find out whether our assumptions are correct, yet one of the most efficient and easy ways to identify someone as gay visually is through their tattoos. We bet you wouldn’t mind escaping some awkward conversations and skipping the frustrating moments of getting no response to your gay flirting move, so why not avoid the awkwardness and increase your chances of meeting someone special?Visible tattoos really do help in these cases. Of course, by no means does it mean that if a person, has a rainbow on their wrist — it makes them instantly gay, yet at least it increases the chances of this person being LGBT, let alone being LGBT friendly.

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