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10 Beautiful Coming Out Stories from Taimi Users You Need to Hear

Alan Schin (he/him/his) is the Chief Editor at Taimi. He wears several hats daily as a writer, editor, blogger, and content contributor. He began his university studies as a Psychology student but found his passion in Advanced Communication Studies. Alan loves having the opportunity to write and help our content team shine. According to Alan, his education helps him to understand the dynamics behind dating and socialization better. When he isn’t busy with Taimi, Alan works on his first novel, a sci-fi thriller, and creates works of art in his ceramics studio.

With over 8 million LGBTQ+ people being part of Taimi family, there are hundreds of thousands of emotional and incredibly touching coming out stories from them worth telling. This National Coming Out Day, as the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform, we are proud to share 10 coming out stories from our community members. Check them out!

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    Dominic is a bisexual, trans masculine trans guy. Being a shy person and unwilling to experience a confrontation, he decided to come out to his mom by writing a letter at 12. He was met with support and acceptance. Dominic found himself and built a family of friends that support him, and is happier now than ever!

    Allie and Petra share their stories of coming out as pansexual and bisexual women. For them, the best part about coming out was becoming an example for other people that there is nothing to be ashamed of in being who they are and developing special bonds with other LGBTQ+ community.

    Brit identifies as a bisexual femme woman and first came out to her husband at 25 — during their divorce process. The best part of being out, as Brit says, is not only living truthfully and fully but also finding a partner who brought true happiness to her life.

    Mario and Pablo are a lovely couple of bisexual men. Their coming out stories are different — Mario told his friends on social media at 13, and Pablo came out at 18, after a stressful situation in high school. Being out helped the guys feel stronger, happier, and freer. They encourage people to accept themselves and want to empower those who haven’t come out yet.

    Abby identifies as an asexual biromantic. Coming out was a process that took 3 years: in 2014, Abby came out online while still getting comfortable with herself being asexual; in 2015, she started coming out to friends and family; in 2016, she started building a platform to get awareness out there. The most challenging part for Abby was coming out to her mom — being raised in a religious environment where you are expected to have kids. Abby says that the best part about being out is not feeling alone and having a big supportive community of caring people who accept you just the way you are.

    Asifa Lahore came out twice — first as a gay man at 23, and then as a trans woman at 33. Coming from a conservative Muslim background, it was a challenge for Asifa. After the first coming out to parents, Asifa was taken to GP, Imam, and almost forced to marry their cousin in Pakistan. Luckily, Asifa was firm in her willingness to express who she was, and felt more free and empowered. She says that find a support from her family after coming out as a trans woman helped her embrace the identities, go through her transition and accept who she is.

    Eve came out to their mom in the sixth grade — as a fierce gay man. Back then, as Eve says, they thought of themself as a feminine gay guy wanting to be a drag queen. However, after coming out as a queen, Eve realized that dressing up as a woman became more than a hobby — it was their life. Eve identifies as an all-apologetic transgender woman and says that the biggest highlight in coming out is the ability to be the best version of yourself.

    Li identifies as someone who is Black, Brazilian, non-binary, bisexual, and demisexual. Li came out to their mom at 13, by saying that they like girls, and later opened up about their identities to friends at 15–16, and at 18–19 realized they were non-binary and demisexual. What Li enjoys the most about coming out is the ability to be their true self and meeting other fabulous queer people.

    Aon never considered how he identified until recently, when he met his current boyfriend. Luckily, after Aon told about his relationship with a man to his grandfather whom he considers a father figure and this personal hero, he received warmth and support: “I love you, you are my grandson. This doesn’t change anything for me if that’s what you are worried about.” The main advise from Aon is don’t come out because someone is pressuring you or because its October. Do it because it makes you happy.

    Devon first came out as a trans woman to her best friend at the time 7 years ago. Since then, the weight of holding this inside for a long time was lifted, and she could breathe fresh air again and feel liberated. The determination and the strength you gain after coming out, as Devon stresses out, feeds into different aspects of your life, and there’s nothing in the world that feels that way.

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