The terms ‘Trans’ or ‘Transgender’ are the most acceptable terms to used to refer to transgender people. Both are used as adjectives (i.e. “a trans person” or, “a transgender person” instead of “a transgender”). 
Pronouns are extremely important as they not only represent a person’s identity, but misusing them can compromise a transgender person’s sense of safety and comfort. 
The most common pronouns used by transgender people are those that most people are already aware of. These are; “she/her/hers”, “they/their/them”, and “he/him/his”. 
There are other sets of pronouns as well, though the correct set to use can vary depending on the individual.
Always use the pronouns the transgender person has advised you to use. If you make a mistake that’s totally fine; just apologise and move on.

This FAQ section is intended for general educational purposes only.  Please note that some topics require much more complex content that we are unable to provide. 

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