What are consumable premium features and how can I activate them?
Following the purchase of a subscription or activating free trial subscription, Taimi XL user receives a set of consumable Taimi XL premium features. If a user consumes a given amount of features before the end of the subscription period, this person may purchase more consumable premium features.

  • Boosts
  • Consumable premium features can not be purchased outside of Taimi XL subscription or free trial subscription, except for boosts and chat requests that can be purchased by any user at any time.
  • Consumable premium features are added to the consumable features included in the Taimi XL subscription or free trial subscription.
  • The number of consumable premium features renews if the subscription is extended.
  • Any unused portion of consumable premium features will be forfeited at the end of the subscription period or free trial subscription.
To subscribe to Taimi XL, please, do the following:
  •  Open Taimi; 
  •  Go to your Profile (icon in the bottom-right corner); 
  •  Tap "Taimi XL features";
  •  You will see here a list of available features in your XL Package;
  •  Choose your subscription plan and tap “Activate Taimi XL” to confirm the purchase.

Thank you for using Taimi!

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