How do I create Taimi account using Facebook?
To  install Taimi app from Google Play click here.
To  install Taimi app from the App Store click here.

When you open Taimi app after installation, you will see the account creation screen, where you can choose one of the registration options:
Sign up with Facebook (this doesn’t allow the app to post on your timeline);
Sign up with Snapchat.

In order to create Taimi account using Facebook, please, do the following:
• Open Taimi;
• Tap “Sign Up with Facebook”;
• You will be redirected to Facebook – tap “Continue” in order to log in to your Facebook account (it doesn't allow the app to post on your Facebook);
• Tap “Next” to provide additional profile details through a couple of optional steps or click “Leave for later” (then you can add information to your profile later);

Optional Steps:
• What are you looking for?
• Share your weight and height;
• Define your body type and how hairy you are;
• What types best describe you and you are most interested in?;
• What is your bedroom role? 
• Tap “Let's Start”.

You can skip any of this steps and add the details later in your profile settings.

Congratulations! You successfully created Taimi account!

Thank you for using Taimi!
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