Taimi & UKRAINEPRIDE Unite in Fundraising Campaign #ArmedInLove

Last Updated 24.03.2022

Taimi and UKRAINEPRIDE NGO are calling on the whole world to unite in support of Ukraine and donate to the needs of LGBTQIA+ people who have joined Territorial Defense Units, Armed Forces, human rights volunteer groups, and everyone who bravely endures the devastating results of the russian invasion of Ukraine.

March 24, Ukraine – Taimi, the first fully inclusive LGBTQIA+ dating app, and UKRAINEPRIDE, a leading non-gov organization that supports the LGBTQIA+ community in Ukraine, have joined forces under the #ArmedInLove campaign to encourage fundraising for LGBTQIA+ armed forces members. Right now, UKRAINEPRIDE is fundraising for LGBTQIA+ Military and Queer refugees who are suffering the devastating consequences of this war. To support this effort, Taimi donates 5% of its revenue to UKRAINEPRIDE NGO.

Why do we do it?

On February 24, 2022, the russian federation started a horrific war against the peaceful and free people of Ukraine, killing civilians and destroying their homes, hospitals, schools, and other civilian targets.

Ukraine, just as the Ukrainian Army, is diverse. During many days of resistance, the LGBTQIA+ community actively joined territorial defense units and various volunteer groups throughout the country. They are united in the resistance efforts for the freedom of all Ukrainians to be whoever they want to be in their country.

And while there is still work to do in fostering a strong queer movement in Ukraine, putin's regime, by contrast, oppresses diverse communities. The Chechen Republic’s leader ramzan kadyrov, whose regime is known for violent persecution of the LGBTQIA+ community, has taken an active role in supporting putin with special military units that crossed the Ukrainian borders in February.

That's why we feel it is important to raise awareness on how devastating the impact of this war could be on LGBTQIA+ people who are already subjected to prejudice, should russia win. In these challenging times, Ukrainians fight for values that matter most to the whole democratic world. And equality for all is the most critical value.

“We cannot stand aside and simply watch innocent people die and a democratic country collapse under these invaders. This is not just an unprovoked attack on an independent European state; it is an attack on the values of any free modern society, and its right to sovereignty and safety.” -  at Taimi says.

#ArmedInLove campaign has a single mission – celebrate life and love amidst all of the pain and sorrow. While russian troops attack the identity of an entire nation, there is still a place for love and a never-ending belief in the future. Brave Ukrainians find the strength not only to defend their country but also to continue with their lives during these incredibly difficult and dangerous times. To the sounds of sirens, explosions, and shooting, love remains a strong source of motivation to resist and not to allow the enemy to seize Ukraine.

Taimi and UKRAINEPRIDE NGO are sharing the inspirational stories of newly formed LGBTQIA+ couples and encourage donations for the needs of the military units as well as refugees that the UKRAINEPRIDE organization takes care of. Taimi, in turn, donates 5% of its revenue.

“Tolerance is a democratic value. Ukraine has done a lot and still has more to do for the queer community, while putin's authoritarianism offers nothing but brutal persecution of LGBTQIA+ people. Now the LGBTQIA+ community has stood up for democracy along with other militaries, and we desperately need support to defend our values and the freedom to be who we want to be in our country. Today it is the Ukrainian queer community that suffers, tomorrow it will be Europe.” -  Yuriy Dvizhon, co-faunder at UKRAINEPRIDE NGO says.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Queer!


UKRAINEPRIDE NGO is a propatriotic queer movement - we defend and nurture our cultural identity and share it with our counterparts from different countries, ethnicities, skin colors, or religions. We preserve and protect our culture so we can share it with the whole world.

The whole UKRAINEPRIDE NGO team remains in Ukraine during these dangerous times. Having the experience of participation and direct organization of the Revolution of Dignity, we are at the stage of mobilization and coordination of our community in joining military operations, resistance movements, local self-defense, volunteering, and other activities until we win.

In our activities, we always unite with the most reliable partner - in this case with the Ukrainian LGBTQ military – courageous people who have sworn allegiance to Ukraine and all Ukrainian people and with whom we went through the Revolution of Dignity side by side. About 150 of them are already on the front lines of military defense.

Eight years ago, Ukraine took the opposite direction from imperial russia and allowed the LGBTQ+ community to gain equal rights. We fear nothing. We are defending our beloved land. Glory to Ukraine and glory to our resistance Heroes!

SOCIAL MEDIA: @ukraine.pride

HOW TO DONATE: https://www.ukrainepride.org/

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