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Taimi, the fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, launches its new Snapchat Ads Campaign grounded within music, fashion, club culture, and bold creativity.

April, London – Taimi, the first fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, presents a new creative advertising campaign for Snapchat in collaboration with iconic talents and influential members of the LGBTQ+ community. Taimi's core mission is the creation of a nonjudgmental and authentic environment. We want to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of LGBTQ+ culture and build a strong, lasting connection with our audience by providing a safe space for everyone. Self-expression, respectful communication, and endless inspiration are Taimi’s top three values in fighting stereotypes. 

In a series of short films, Taimi discovers the diversity of human personality through different types of self-expression. What’s the type you want to meet on a night out? What part of yourself do you want to show off on a date? 

Jamie Windust / BTS by Chris McCrory

Our talents, Miss Jason, Woody Cook, Shon Faye, and Lexii Thomas, explore four different types of people in a playful way, calling to pick your next date and find LGBTQ+ singles on Taimi. Through the Club Kid, Fashionista, Bookworm, and Gamer types, in a fun manner with a bit of self-irony, we want to inspire the audience to try something new. Each of these types represents important components of LGBTQ+ culture while also encouraging us to be whatever we want, but on one condition – respectful communication. The second part of the campaign includes Jamie Windust’s tips on how to create safe spaces on a date.

“The audience’s trust is extremely important to us. We design our product based exclusively on users’ feedback. But to earn the LGBTQ+ community’s confidence in Taimi, we need to build strong connections with the audience via authentic communication, respectfulness, diversity, and celebration of LGBTQ+ culture. The new Snapchat Ads Campaign has all these components. Taimi is a safe space for self-expression where you find your love, friendship, or date for a night out,” says Helen Virt, Chief Business Development Officer.  

The Talent & Project Direction has been managed by The Haze Agency, a UK & US-based agency founded by Danner Tassone. The Agency specializes in celebrity & talent brand partnerships - creating meaningful content across print, digital, social, and experiential platforms. 

The Haze Agency also enlisted the services of the creative studio, RAYGUN, in partnership for this project. 

“At The Haze Agency, it is important for us to produce content that brings both great meaning and joy to an audience. Working with this amazing LGBTQ+ cast and team allowed us to produce creative and engaging storytelling content through the lens of today’s proud and informed LGBTQ+ dating community on Taimi,” Danner Tassone, Founder & CEO at The Haze Agency

The Snapchat Ads campaign was created by Raygun, a London-based creative studio founded by Robbie Kilgour and Joseph Harvey. The studio’s unique approach to creativity focuses on bold ideas and strong collaboration. Among its credits are projects with Nike, iD, Calvin Klein, Warner Music, Vice, Sony Music, Estrella, Wonderland Music, the UK government, and more.

“We felt it was really important in our approach that the audience and the queer community were a part of the ideation process and were represented across the entire production. The talent and the crew were obvious places to start but so was the shoot location - a regular spot for East London drag nights. The entire production lived and breathed queerness from start to finish,” ads Robbie Kilgour, Director at RAYGUN.

Self-expression, respectful communication, and connection are at the core of what The Haze Agency represents through its talent and brand partnerships. Working hand in hand with Taimi, the aim of this collaboration was to share important knowledge about the LGBTQ+ dating community, whilst highlighting the excitement of first dates, new encounters, relationships, and love. 

Creative Materials To Use

Campaign Credits

Talent & Partnership Agency: The Haze Agency @thehazeagency_ (www.thehazeagency.com)

Production Company: Raygun London @raygun.ldn

Creative Director: Robbie Kilgour @robbiekilgour

Talent & Project Director: Danner Tassone 

Creative Producer: Dorothy Graham @dorothygraham

Creative & Casting: Chris McCroy @xopherxopher

DOP: Joe Harvey @joeharveydop

1st AC: Irys Steel @cinesteel

2nd AC: Rebecca Doctor  @rebeccadoctor

Gaffer: Joe Williams @slothy.joe

Spark: Reece Litchfield @litchfield.lighting

Sound Op: Rajan @rajan1993

Stylist: Oliver Volquardsen @oliver_volquardsen

Stylist Assistants: Julia Veitch & Emily Powell @julveitch @powelle__

MUA: Faye Bluff @fayebluff

MUA Assistant: Craig Hamilton @craighamiltonartistry

Runner: Sarah Dines

Editor: Joe Harvey @joeharveydop

Audio Producer: Rebeccca Townsend @beckytownsend

Colour Producer: Franky Chadwick

Sound Engineer: Scott Marshall @bamsoundcreative

Colourist: Jax Harney @jaxharney

About Taimi

Taimi is an LGBTQ+ dating app made exclusively for everyone on the gender and sexuality spectrum with over 13 million users worldwide. Taimi advocates the culture of acceptance and has adopted a policy of zero tolerance for discrimination, hate, and stigmatization against gender, race, or sexuality.

Taimi is free to download. Taimi XL subscription provides access to premium features.


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