London Pride Parade to Make Statement on the War in Ukraine

Last Updated 02.07.2022

July 2, 2022 – London, Yura Dvizhon, co-founder of UKRAINEPRIDE NGO and Taimi, the largest LGBTQ+ dating app, a partner of Pride in London, presented a social movie dedicated to the life of LGBTQ+ community during wartime on London Pride Parade Stage. The movie, titled Pride is Not Available in Your Region, raises awareness of the devastating impact of the russian aggression on Ukraine’s queer community, who cannot celebrate equality this year.  

After a two-year Covid break, the Pride Parade in London took place live this Saturday, commemorating the 50th anniversary of LGBTQ+ activism in the UK and addressing current social issues affecting the community. In addition to a series of powerful statements on conversion therapy ban and equal protection of the community against hate crime, Pride in London dedicated a part of the program to the russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian LGBTQ+ community has been presented in total black during the parade as a symbolic act, expressing all the tragedy and losses Ukrainians have experienced all these months. 

“It is a great honor to be present here at London Pride and share the values of equality and freedom that queer Ukrainians welcome and share. I am grateful to the London community for their support in our ongoing fight for freedom and democratic values, among which are equal rights for everyone. russia is a threat to the free world with their homophobic laws and archaic values. Together with the Taimi team, I was excited to present “Pride is not Available in your Region” to the global community and have the voices of the Ukrainian people heard. This is very important for us in the upcoming victory,” – Yura Dvizhon.


UKRAINEPRIDE NGO created the manifesto in cooperation with the Office of the President of Ukraine. To save the lives of Ukrainians and support Ukraine's victory in the war against russia, we call for:

1. Supply of heavy weapons.

Weapons will help us defend ourselves from the aggressor state and return the temporarily occupied territories. We need high-precision missiles, drones, missile defense systems, ammunition and much more. These can save the lives of our people. Not only the military. As it’s very clear now, the civilians of Ukraine are also legitimate targets for the russian army. As well as civil infrastructure. Weapons will allow us to end this war sooner. We need weapons. Without limits.

2. An increase of sanctions pressure.

We need to encourage russia to stop the war, we need to deprive it of resources - financial, technical, technological. More aggressive financial and energy sanctions are needed. New sanctions should also be imposed on all sponsors of the war in Ukraine - russian oligarchs and members of their families.

3. A provision of economic assistance.

Ukraine needs a comprehensive rebuild plan, such as the Marshall Plan. Opening the markets of our allies and partners for Ukrainian goods would give impetus to the further recovery of our economy. Post-war Ukraine will be a huge construction site, a field for innovation and investment. This is a chance to build a global showcase for the success of  the democratic world.

4. An increase of humanitarian support.

Because of the war, Ukrainians are experiencing the greatest humanitarian crisis that Europe has ever faced since World War II. The number of displaced persons in Ukraine, as well as those who were forced to flee the country, is more than 10 million and continues to grow. All these people need the most necessary things - water, food, clothing, housing, access to medicine, education, and so on. Developing new government visa programs for refugees and sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine can help save more lives for adults and children.

5. More than anyone in the world, we seek peace. But peace at any cost is not an option. We did not start this war. We did not occupy foreign territories. And we have to get ours back. Ukraine is Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Sevastopol. Our sovereignty and territorial integrity are not subject to compromise.

“We are happy to share the anniversary celebration of the LGBTQ+ activism in the UK together with Pride in London. After such a long break, it is important for all of us to remember what has been achieved and what lies ahead. Such crucial statements to the UK Govt as the conversion therapy ban and the protection of LGBTQ+ people against hate crimes are powerful steps towards progress, and the Taimi team stands with Pride in London in pursuing these statements. Also, Taimi’s support of the Ukrainian queer community goes on. Together with UKRAINEPRIDE, we are confident in raising awareness of this aggressive invasion that happened to a peaceful nation. “Pride Is Not Available in Your Region” is the opportunity to open up about what is often forgotten  – the stories of ordinary people who gave up their peaceful lives in order to protect their country,” – says Diana Lysenko, Partnerships Lead at Taimi

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Queer!

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UKRAINEPRIDE NGO is a propatriotic queer movement – we defend and nurture our cultural identity and share it with our counterparts from different countries, ethnicities, skin colors, or religions. We preserve and protect our culture so we can share it with the whole world.

The whole UKRAINEPRIDE NGO team remains in Ukraine during these dangerous times. Having the experience of participation and direct organization of the Revolution of Dignity, we are at the stage of mobilization and coordination of our community in joining military operations, resistance movements, local self-defense, volunteering, and other activities until we are victorious.

In our activities, we always unite with the most reliable partner - in this case with the Ukrainian LGBTQ military – courageous people who have sworn allegiance to Ukraine and all Ukrainian people and with whom we went through the Revolution of Dignity side by side. About 150 of them are already on the front lines of military defense.

Eight years ago, Ukraine took the opposite direction from imperial russia and allowed the LGBTQ+ community to gain equal rights. We fear nothing. We are defending our beloved land. Glory to Ukraine and glory to our resistance Heroes!

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