What are consumable premium features and how can I activate them?

Upon purchasing a subscription or a trial period, the Taimi Premium user receives a set of consumable premium features. This set of consumables is limited; however, should the user exhaust the consumables package included in the subscription or trial period, they may purchase additional features.

To subscribe to any of the Taimi Premium plans (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), please, do the following:

   • Open Taimi; 

   • Go to your Profile (icon in the top-right corner); 

   • Tap "Taimi Premium";

   • Choose the plan you prefer and press "Activate" at the bottom of the screen.

The consumable premium features available in the Taimi Premium packages vary according to the selected subscription plan and are listed on the very same "Taimi Premium" page.

Thank you for using Taimi! 🌈