#TaimiInfluencer program

TAIMI is the right place to get connected with the LGBTQI+ people worldwide. TAIMI’s Digest section gathers people like you and me from all over the world. It is your chance to shine bright and showcase yourself. #TaimiInfluencer is a program we are proud to introduce to all who cannot imagine their life without social media and are ready to be the ones who shape TAIMI social network.

Who do we expect to join #TaimiInfluencer?

This program is designed to attract everyone who is interested in sharing their life with the rest of the community, initiate public conversation, engage in discussions as well as communicate with others not just in private messages, but in public. It is extremely important that TAIMI Influencers stand for Freedom, Diversity & Equality. We expect Taimi Influencers to act in line with our social mission and be TAIMI’s ambassadors at all times.

TAIMI Influencers Guidebook gives you more information about how you are expected to act within the app and gives you tips on how to advance your TAIMI presence in case you join in.

What you get: