#Editor program

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TAIMI is the right place to get connected with the LGBTQI+ people worldwide. TAIMI’s Digest section gathers people like you and me from all over the world. Here is where you can connect with the TAIMI family by taking over the content thousands get to see in their feed.

#Editor program

TAIMI social network is growing rapidly and there is no way we can manage its development without your help. This program allows you to take over TAIMI’s biggest groups as well as create engaging content within a respective group theme. If you think you can be the one who shapes TAIMI’s feed and produces content seen by hundred thousands of people daily, then this program is for you.

The program is designed to attract those who find themselves keen on creating engaging posts that spark public discussions in the comments and producing fun edutainment-like content. It is extremely important that participants of #Editor program stand for Freedom, Diversity & Equality, as well as act in line with our social mission and are TAIMI’s ambassadors at all times.

Those, who become our long-term experienced editors, may be asked to help with reviewing and editing posts of the program newcomers. At a later stage, you will become the role-model for others and be the source of expertise.


There is a selection of the biggest TAIMI’s groups that vary in topics. You will be invited to choose groups according to your interests.

Content requirements

  • Contribute to TAIMI community in a positive way
  • Show respectful behavior towards others
  • Abide by TAIMI’s Community rules


If you are interested, please, contact Michael, #Editor program coordinator, at [email protected] or on TAIMI (open this link on your phone) with 3 groups of your choice and 3 posts (text, hashtag(s) and media file) to each of the groups (9 posts in total). Once reviewed, you will be granted admin access to the groups of your selection, so you could kick off with managing it.


All the articles will be posted on our web-site https://taimi.com/blog in its brand new blog section, social media and TAIMI's Digest itself.

What you get

  1. Increased exposure
  2. Exclusive way of interaction with TAIMI family members
  3. Get the Writer badge displayed on your profile
  4. Share your story with the entire TAIMI community
  5. Create pieces that can make people laugh and spread joy
  6. Become the voice for the thousands of those whose voices can't be heard
  7. Receive the guidance and support through topic selection and production process
  8. A bonus of 2-week TAIMI XL along with premium features for each published piece