What is bisexuality+? TAIMI answers questions and breaks down the myths

Last Updated 16.03.2020
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Whenever people ask “What is bisexuality?” the answer changes from person to person.Yes, this can and oftentimes does make things extremely confusing for those who might be wondering if they are bisexual, know someone who is bisexual+ or are simply trying to find out what does it mean to be bisexual+.Let’s start off with accepting the fact that being “bisexual” means different things to different people.So, being open-minded and considerate is the key to understanding why bi+ people define bisexuality+ in so many ways.For instance some use “bisexual” as an umbrella term to describe their attraction to more than one gender.However, others see the term “bisexual” solely as the attraction to cisgender men or cisgender women excluding non-binary people, gender fluid people, and transgender people altogether. So, some prefer to use terms like queer, fluid, pansexual instead of bisexual.

Keep in mind that plenty of bisexual people are attracted to trans and non-binary people and many transgender and non-binary people identify as bisexual.That means that for many bi+ people, there’s no question that “bisexual” is an inclusive term spanning across the gender spectrum.According to Bisexual Resource Center: “when talking about bisexuality, it is sometimes useful to distinguish between behavior, attraction, and identity. Someone who has had sexual experience with or even just attractions to people of more than one gender can be described as bisexual+, but may not identify that way. Likewise, one can identify as bisexual+ regardless of sexual experience. Furthermore, identities can change over time or be used in different contexts, whether personal, community, or political. Definitions can change too.”

You might mistakenly believe that you’re allowed to identify as bisexual only if the attraction you experience to multiple genders is equal across the board.Bisexuality is a unique identity on its own it isn’t half gay or half straight. Bisexuality is not 50/50 attraction and should never be deemed such. There is research that shows that lots of bisexual people are attracted more to one gender than another. Their bisexuality is perfectly valid.

One of the most common myths about bisexuality is the notion that it is just a phase.There are some people who identified first as bisexual and later as gay however, their experience in no way invalidates the existence of bisexuality+.In fact, there are many people who live their entire lives identifying as bisexual.Now, the question that many are wondering about.Does a relationship with someone of a different gender turn you “straight”?Are you bisexual enough if you fall in love with someone of the opposite gender?Does marrying them cancel your bisexuality? Although, some people may think that “you’ve chosen sides” that is not how bisexuality works.People remain bisexual regardless of relationship status they are in.Rest assured that who you’re experiencing attraction to and fall in love with is valid. Even if you do not see your experiences reflected in common descriptions of bisexuality, no need to worry.

Every experience, every relationship, every sexuality, gender identity is valid.This in fact shows that there are many ways to express bisexuality+.About TAIMITo find out more about TAIMI visit our official website, or download the app hereYou can also follow TAIMI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.TAIMI has several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition. TAIMI has zero-tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate or aggression. TAIMI is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play. A subscription-based premium version is also available.About The Bisexual Resource CenterBRC has been advocating for bisexual visibility and raising awareness about the needs of bisexual people throughout the LGBTQIA and straight communities since 1985. The BRC envisions a world where love is celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Visit www.biresource.org for more information.

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