Veteran NFL player comes out as bisexual & introduces his boyfriend to the world

Last Updated 30.08.2019
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Coming out is difficult for many, especially those in the public eye. In a strong and powerful essay for ESPN Ryan Russell, a 27-year-old athlete, who was a fifth-round draft of the Dallas Cowboys in 2015, and played two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came out as a bisexual man.“Though I confided in close friends and family and gave myself permission to date both men and women discreetly, I deprived myself the basic privilege of living an open life,” writes Ryan Russell. name="f217" id="f217" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf--layoutOutsetLeft graf-after--blockquote"> name="6ff7" id="6ff7" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf--layoutOutsetLeft graf-after--figure">In his essay, Russell talked about his childhood and opened up about growing up as a black boy who would split into columns — one straight, the other gay. This has been following him throughout his adult life and ultimately, his professional football career.After an injury to his shoulder and the surgery that followed Russell was released before the start of the 2018 season.He is now looking to return to the field and wants people to focus on his game and not his sexual identity. Russell says, “Those two objectives shouldn’t be in conflict. But judging from the fact that there isn’t a single openly LGBTQ player in the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball or the NHL, brings me pause. I want to change that — for me, for other athletes who share these common goals, and for the generations of LGBTQ athletes who will come next.”Just an hour after the essay was published, Ryan Russell took to Instagram posting a tender photo of his boyfriend — Corey O’Brien (Yes, you’ve seen Corey in our ads!!) name="bf1c" id="bf1c" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf--layoutOutsetLeft graf-after--p">The NFL veteran says that in the past he was afraid to open up earlier for several reasons, “I didn’t love myself enough to live openly and honestly. I was ashamed of who I am. I prayed countless nights for God to take away this part of me. I was ashamed to love women because I knew I could also love men. I stayed up so many nights in fear of being found out, in fear that the professional sports world would reject me for the way I was born. I lied to myself every chance I could. I looked in the mirror and lied, got into relationships and lied, woke up every morning and went to sleep every night lying about the fullness of my soul.”Corey O’Brien is not only Taimi’s friend, influencer and a great person to work with! He is a professional dancer who performs throughout the world with countless celebrities. He is a choreographer, teacher, fitness model, and so much more! name="f708" id="f708" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf-after--p">We truly believe in love and wish Corey and Ryan the best in their relationship. Ryan’s caption to the photo of them on the beach is just perfect: “Love is faithful, Love is kind, It doesn’t brag or boast, But when I tell the world you’re mine, I tend to brag the most.”

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