Taimi’s tips to survive and ENJOY “La Tomatina” in Buñol, Spain!

Last Updated 28.08.2019
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Plus a bit of background of what is now one of the biggest adrenalin-filled festivals in EuropeCalling all adrenaline junkies! La Tomatina kicks off on August 28, 2019. Since Taimi recently launched in Spain (and Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas) our team decided to fill you in on all things related to the juicy tomato extravaganza.

La Tomatina takes place in the Valencian town of Buñol, which is situated in the east of Spain. Although hard to pinpoint the exact date the festival began, its origin trace back to 1945 when young people from the area gathered in the town square to see the Giants and Big Heads parade. One of them stumbled, a participant fell and the fight ensued. Who started tossing tomatoes at each other? That remains unknown but the following year a group of youth staged a tomato-fight in the same place. The rest is now history.

Today the festival bears a very fitting name — La Tomatina. About 9,000 people live in Buñol but the festival is so popular that it attracts thousands from around the globe.So, if you’re looking for someone to join you — Taimi will be more than happy to suggest friends or even a date. Seriously, what a fun idea to go to a tomato battle for your first date?It will be one to remember for sure!A few tips from Taimi’s team before heading to La Tomatina

1. Choose a meeting pointEspecially if you’re heading down with a group. You are very likely to be split up during the tomato battle but don’t worry you’re bound to make friends during your tomato-throwing experience. So, have fun, relax, enjoy yourself and don’t forget to meet your buddies where you’ve agreed upon earlier in the day.2. PAIN! Be ready for it! Yes, despite being soft and squishy — some tomatoes are going to hurt quite a bit! Our team members have been bruised by the red fruit (or vegetable depends on whom you ask!)

3. Wear comfortable clothingWe know that it may be an odd tip but make sure you were light natural fabrics.Please note, you’re likely going to throw them out after La Tomatina so wear something you don’t mind saying goodbye to!4. Grab a pair of gogglesDon’t worry there will be others who will look just as dorky. You’ll thank us later!

5. Protect your valuables!You don’t want to lose your phone or sunglasses or wallet. Make sure you wear pockets that seal or have a bag that zips extremely tight.Also, unless your phone is waterproof (who wants to test that!). It’s not worth the risk! You may lose your files or break your phone so avoid trying to take pictures with it.Grab a waterproof camera or a camera that is a one-time use only kinda thing.To be honest, you won’t have time to stop and pose for photos so it’s best to just enjoy the festival!Take mental pictures and HAVE FUN!

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