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Last Updated 14.11.2019
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From the very beginning TAIMI was created as a community for LGBTQI+ people whereas Tinder originally started out as a dating app for cisgender straight people.According to a recent report by Thomson Reuters Foundation, Tinder is failing to prevent transphobia.

Trans people are frequently banned from the site, according to an article published by Reuters, users say that despite vowing to address issues of profiles being taken down unfairly, company is failing to stop it.This is why TAIMI is completely different!TAIMI prides itself on being the first LGBTQI+ inclusive social network and dating app in the world!Transgender men and women can be sure that TAIMI is a community which stands up for equality, respects diversity and freedom of expression.TAIMI is a safe space free of judgment and prejudice for everyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex!

We believe in diversity, equality and freedom of expression.Therefore, we treat all our users equally. A set of rules & procedures is applied to all of our user profiles.We have a 24/7 moderation team that carefully reviews all complaints, reports & profiles to make sure that we address everything promptly.

The things TAIMI does:We can’t stop people from reporting a profile, however, the team reviews each report individually. If we notice that a profile was reported because of a person’s gender/ethnicity/sexuality/etc, these reports are rejected by our team and do not impact the user.Our moderation team carefully reviews all the profiles, as well as posts & stories in app to make certain that there is no hate, harassment and/or discrimination.If the moderation team has doubts about a profile photo, for instance, prior to taking any action, we reach out to the user and confirm that the photo belongs to them.If there are any harassment reports confirmed by the moderation team, we send the reported user a notification that it’s not allowed in the app, or in some cases, block the profile immediately.We have a set of community rules to follow: https://taimi.com/community We care about our users and want to make sure your experience using TAIMI is the best possible!

TAIMI also supports initiatives to combat homophobia around the world. The Social Network and Dating App frequently works with LGBTQI+ associations around the world.TAIMI is currently in the midst of working on several major multimedia campaigns, partnerships and volunteer projects aimed at changing the law and addressing discrimination on a global scale.TAIMI also encourages everyone to contribute to the improvement of our amazing community. Together we are strong!ABOUT TAIMI:TAIMI has several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition. TAIMI has zero-tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate or aggression.TAIMI is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play. A subscription-based premium version is also available.GET TAIMI: AppStore | GooglePlayFOLLOW TAIMI: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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