TAIMI crew packs for Amsterdam

Last Updated 30.07.2019
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Exciting news to share with all our users, fans, friends and frenemies! Taimi team is heading to Amsterdam this weekend to take part in one of the grandest Pride Parades in the world.This year, Taimi’s founder Alex Pasykov will also be attending the festivities and going on a media blitz with several high-profile publications. We must admit, it is truly exciting to be able to share the news of our upcoming launches, LGBTQI+ expansion and so much more with the world!In addition to attending Canal Pride, our team will also visit the iconic Prik Street Party.Taimi crew will have fun stuff on hand with us in Amsterdam. Now, get your minds out of the gutter! So, if you see us on the street rocking amazing Unicorn-clad rainbow t-shirts, stop by to say hi! We’ll be more than happy to share our Pride with everyone! Take a picture, post a story, write a blog, do a Q&A with one of our team members (or all of us if you catch every color of Taimi rainbow ) — it’s all about connecting and soaking in the amazing atmosphere at Pride in Amsterdam.Plus, on Sunday, August 4th, we’ll announce the lucky winner of our #taimipride campaign on our social media channels. They will receive two tickets to Christina Aguilera’s show in Las Vegas, NV. All the more reason to follow Taimi’s latest news and updates on social media and our application!Don’t be shy, come say hi to Taimi’s incredible team during Pride in Amsterdam!

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