TAIMI Celebrates Romance Awareness Month

Last Updated 31.07.2020
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10 Ways to make your LGBTQ+ relationship light up this August

TAIMI wants you to get it on this August. Yes! August is Romance Awareness month and that means the world’s largest LGBTQI+ platform that features a social network and dating app is giving all our users, friends and followers top 10 tips to improve romantic relationships.

TAIMI knows all about love and romance, but we care about friendship too. That said, let’s focus on the romantic side of things during this month.

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or currently looking for one, these 10 tips to make your LGBTQ+ relationship light up will certainly come in handy. So, set aside a few minutes and read the list of 10 ways to make your LGBTQ+ romance sparkle this August.

TAIMI crew took a lot of time to put this great list of romantic advice together to help everyone celebrate romance this August.

10. Love Notes

Sure, it may seem “old fashioned”, but TAIMI staff think there is nothing sweeter than finding a random note that says “I Love You”. Post-it notes can go a long way here or a pretty postcard that you’ve made yourself. You can also hide a few romantic notes around the house for your partner to find them.

9. Watch great LGBTQ+ movies together

TAIMI is actually working on a list of top 10 romantic LGBTQ+ movies, so that will come in handy when you’re in for a movie night. There are a lot of stories that will resonate with couples, from The Danish Girl to Brokeback Mountain to Carol and many more. Find a great film to snuggle in to and enjoy the evening (or day) together

8. Random act of kindness — offer to clean up or walk the dog

We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, and the TAIMI team is no exception. Our staff thinks that doing something around the house can actually be quite romantic. Hey, action does speak louder than words. So next time — take out the trash, wash the dishes, offer to walk the dog or clean kitty litter — it may not seem THAT romantic, but trust us, it is!

7. Breakfast in bed / order delivery for them

Oh food, and waking up to a hot meal with their favorite drink is definitely romantic. You don’t always have to cook breakfast, food delivery can also be a great surprise for your loved one. Breakfast in bed will definitely make your partner appreciate you just a tad bit more, plus it is a great start to your day together!

6. Romantic dinner

Yes, TAIMI knows it may seem cheesy, but hey romance can be a little over the top at times. So, making a romantic dinner at home or booking a fancy restaurant may just be the way to spruce up your romantic life.

5. Send a gift or flowers

A simple gesture that can go a long way, especially if you’re in a different city. Sending your loved one a gift they will appreciate (it doesn’t have to be anything super fancy) or flowers they love is a sure way to catch their attention and light up your relationship anew.

4. Write a love letter on social media or post about your love on TAIMI

What can be more romantic than proclaiming your love to the world? If you’ve met on TAIMI and continue to be active social network users — post about it on the app, if not, write a love letter to your loved one on social media for the world to see and appreciate your story. This can be so inspiring to other couples, so go ahead and express your feelings publicly.

3. Send a sweet text or message on TAIMI

We live in a busy world, so if leaving notes around the house is not your forte, or if you don’t live together — a text or a message on TAIMI is a sure way to catch your romantic partner’s/interest’s attention. It is almost too easy to be romantic by texting a cute phrase or even a heart emoji. It’s the simple things that matter in life, give this a shot and see how much of an impact you can make by texting your loved one.

2. Go on a date or set up a virtual date with the help of TAIMI video calls

If you’re already in a committed relationship — go on a date, yes a full fledged date with a walk to a park, beach, etc. If you’re just starting your relationship and are friends on TAIMI — use the app to the fullest by video calling each other and making it a virtual date night. Let your imagination run wild here.

1. Create a playlist

The days of creating mixtapes are gone, thank goodness for the digital age! Making a playlist is super easy and TAIMI has Spotify integrated in the app, so that’s even easier now. Go ahead, put together a playlist of songs that your loved one adores or that you both like. TAIMI crew is certain this is a very romantic gesture.

TAIMI — the world’s first LGBTQI+ social network and dating app hopes you will use these tips to the fullest and make the most out of the Romantic Awareness Month.


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