Let’s Talk About Suicide Prevention

Last Updated 10.09.2019
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September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day aimed at raising awareness and encouraging conversation about preventing suicides and getting help

Suicide prevention — it is not an easy subject to bring up. Sadly, suicide is among the leading causes of death around the world. So, we need to talk about it as much as possible in order to help save someone’s life.According to statistics, a person dies by suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among LGBTQI+ youth.

In fact, lesbian, gay, bisexual young people are five times as likely to have attempted suicide in comparison to their heterosexual peers.Those who have been rejected by their family are more than 8!!!! Times as likely to have attempted to take their own lives as those with low levels of rejection.More than 40% of transgender adults have made a suicide attempt. Nearly all of them before the age of 25!!!LGBTQI+ victimization, physical or verbal abuse and harassment double the incidents of self-harming behavior.Today, and every day we ask you to start the conversation about suicide prevention.We urge you to get help if you are struggling.We want you to know that you are not alone! Taimi — was created as a social network for LGBTQI+ people in order to provide a safe nonjudgmental environment for everyone.Talk about suicide prevention. Perhaps, today we can change the statistic and save a life.If you or someone you know are in need of immediate help PLEASE dial your LOCAL emergency services number such as 911 in the United States and Canada, 112 in the European Union, 000 in Australia 999 in the United Kingdom, etc.A list of Suicide Prevention Hotlines and Prevention resources is available at:The Trevor Project: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/trvr_support_center/international/#TAIMI #TaimiApp #LoveisLove #SaveLives #LGBTQI #LGBT #LGBTYouth #StopSuicide #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePrevention#PrevençãoDoSuicídio #DíaMundialPrevenciónSuicidio #HablemosDeSuicidio #JournéeMondialePréventionSuicide #Weltsuizidpräventionstag

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