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Last Updated 16.08.2019
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TAIMI prides itself on being a judgement-free and open environment where LGBTQI+ people can connect and form all sorts of relationships — ranging from friendship to love.TAIMI is a one-of-a-kind, the first LGBTQI+ dating and social network in the world that offers users more than just a hookup.We underline the fact that we care about our social mission. We constantly work on raising awareness and standing up for what we believe in.TAIMI’s team is very passionate about changing the laws and making an impact when it comes to eliminating homophobia around the globe.We want EVERYONE to feel loved and safe!It has come to our attention that recently a person that took part in our online advertising campaign committed several gross and obscene acts that directly violate the terms and conditions of our contract.We no longer work with that person and ask everyone who potentially was a witness or knows about similar actions by them or others to let us know as soon as possible. Please send us e-mails to [email protected] or social media messages that our support team can address immediately.

TAIMI is a growing LGBTQI+ dating and social network, our vision is to create a safe and secure place for people worldwide.Anyone that hinders that image makes a negative impact on the LGBTQI+ people and quite frankly sets the fight for equal rights back.TAIMI is adamant about the fact that we will immediately take all appropriate measures to address cases that are offensive to our LGBTQI+ network.Please spread the word out and understand that we truly care about you!Thank you!

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