How to dress for a first date

Last Updated 16.07.2018
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Let’s be honest. First dates are never a relaxing experience. But it doesn’t have to be an anxiety producing one either. A couple of the following secret tips will take some stressful weight off your shoulders.The first impressions are important, and the way you enter and behave is the way your date will treat you, so do put some effort into the image you create. The main idea is to expose confidence, as we are biologically programmed to be attracted to confident individuals. Thus, you appearance has to be a statement of full confidence and charisma and of course your clothes should fit this concept.First of all, ask yourself which clothes make you feel the most confident, and then by adjusting to the venue of your date and the weather, match the clothes you feel confident in with the environment. Wear something you are comfortable in. Remember that It’s OK to not look perfect. Remember it’s just a date.1. Dress to impressFirst dates are not the time to try out your newly discovered ‘casual look’. This may work for Lady Gaga, however, she’s also got the movie-star status to back it up. Reaching for your tattered pair of jeans and faded T-shirt isn’t going to do you any favors. Make an effort; show your date you care what he or she may think. At least, if only for the day.2. Choose carefullyBeing fashionable is all well and good; however, if you are teetering along in nine-inch heels at a roller disco or wearing converse to the theatre, securing that second date is becoming less and less likely. Select appropriately for the event. If your meeting place is a new restaurant or bar, research the venue’s style so you can dress accordingly. If it’s a surprise spot, procure as much information out of your date as you possibly can. Knowing too much, on this occasion, is never a bad thing.3. Less is moreJust like most of the finer things in life, less is more when it comes to fashion. Think about it, the more you try to ‘experiment’ with your clothes, the more likely you are to commit an unintended fashion faux pas. There is no need to be overly revealing either; exposing too much skin on a first date is an instant turn-off. If in doubt, err on the side of caution, retaining an element of mystery to keep your date guessing. Women may find a hint of lace and red lipstick extremely effective, while a tailored shirt is an easy winner for men. Never underestimate the power of suggestion.4. DO NOT WEAR SANDALSThis may not apply to people who don’t live in warmer climates, and of course, if you’re on a beach or within 5 minutes of a body of water, you may get a pass. But just stop and think about the person you’re about to spend a couple hours with. First impressions matter, so don’t let the first thing your date sees be your nasty-ass toes.5. No Deep V-Neck ShirtsNever has anyone asked to see an acquaintance’s chest hair — especially on a first date. It’s guaranteed that your date will likely ask you to either cover yourself up, or be grossed out and dip as soon as humanly possible. Either way, you’re not going to get those digits post-date. Leave the undershirt, under your shirts guys.

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