EQUAL RIGHTS and why we still need to talk about them in 2019

Last Updated 21.08.2019
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Basic human rights like marriage, the right to adopt children, employment, freedom to express yourself, and so many things cisgender straight people oftentimes take for granted continue to be an issue for many LGBTQI+ people around the globe.Recently, ILGA — Europe published its Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People.The list ranks 51 states in Europe and Central Asia based on their laws and policies concerning LGBTI rights. It is important to note that intersex people’s rights are widely unreported or even ignored at national levels so despite the list is quite comprehensive there are still a few gaps left to fill.

“While we celebrate such achievements, our movement is all too aware of the multiple challenges that lie ahead. As highlighted in the review, the negative impact of the so-called “anti-gender” groups is seen in several countries, as it pollutes public discussions and political advances on trans equality legislation, on equal recognition of diverse forms of families, on inclusive education or access to information about LGBTI issues.”, says Evelyne Paradis — executive director of ILGA-Europe.

Indeed, the trend of widespread hate-speech from authoritative figures such as politicians, religious leaders, and the public is extremely alarming.The attacks on human right defenders have not subsided and authorities in many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia continue to either control or ban pride events altogetherThis year, Taimi team first-hand witnessed the wide-spread online bullying LGBTQI+ people face. A simple, happy photo with one of the most-influential LGBTQI+ rights advocates in Europe — Jennifer Hopelezz generated so many negative comments that it was hard to believe that people can be so vile.All while the most unique Pride Amsterdam was taking place.In August, Taimi became LGBTQI+ inclusive — a safe space for everyone to connect and create connections. To chat, befriend and hopefully fall in love with one-another. name="6533" id="6533" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf-after--p">Taimi is extremely adamant about spreading the message of love around the globe. The company is currently working on several projects aimed at raising awareness about LGBTQI+ issues and ultimately changing the legislation in countries where it is still legal to discriminate against LGBTQI+ people.Despite the amazing achievements of human rights in the past, there is still a very long way to go. We must not allow all the progress we’ve made since the Stonewall uprising to be put in jeopardy. We must do more!

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