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Last Updated 03.06.2022
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One thing that you are most likely to see during pride events is couples. After all, for many being able to go to pride is to show how proud you are of how far the world has come when it comes to gay rights. It means to show off your unique couple persona to the world for a few days and not feel bad about it.

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    The persona you show off can greatly differ from others, for instance, some couples of the same sex may have one person acting as a male, and another acting as a female. Other couples might not do this, they may elect to show their persona differently. One of the ways many couples show off this is by creating elaborate outfit ideas that coordinate with the pride event. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite suggestions. 

    The Hat

    Hats are quite possibly one of the most essential items to have at Pride. They protect you from the sun during those hot June days as well as give you a creative outlet. 

    After all, who wants to go to any event only to end up going home with a sunburned head or face? Hats come in a variety of styles such as baseball caps, and bucket style hats. As well as a variety of decor and other embellishments such as pins, patches, glitter and more!


    When it comes to selecting tops to wear as a couple there are a lot of options to consider and the reasons for those options. 

    Perhaps you want to show yourselves off as a member of a particular group? Or maybe you want to make it easy to find each other in case you get separated? Either way, here are some suggestions we have for the different types of tops you can wear to pride.

    Matching T-Shirts

    Matching T-shirts are an incredibly popular couple’s clothing choice during large events such as pride. People do this for many reasons. 

    They want to be able to easily find each other if they are separated. This is also a great way to demonstrate to everybody around you that you are together. 

    You can design and order matching t-shirts online. If you are particularly creative, you can pull out your handy cricut machine and sewing machine to make matching tees of your own creation.

    T-Shirts That Go Together

    A half a rainbow, a particular slogan that only makes sense when the two of you are standing right next to each other, even pictures that go together. T-shirts that may not match but complete one another are a great choice for trying to match with your partner.

    Themed Shirts

    Sometimes you may walk around a pride event and notice that some couples may bring their love for other things into the event. After all, most couples tend to bond over things such as a favorite television or book series. Don’t be afraid to incorporate that love into what you wear.

    Go Topless

    Male, female, transgender male, transgender female, nonbinary, it seems that at Pride gatherings more and more people are choosing to simply go topless during the event. 

    They choose to cover themselves with a variety of stickers, glitter, jewels, and whatever else they can think of. If you do decide to go shirtless make sure to check out your local pride rules and information to see what rules they have regarding this fashion choice. Some may require certain genders to utilize items such as nipple coverings while others may not have any requirements at all.


    No, we don't mean your preferred position in your chosen relationship. We’re talking about the kinds of bottoms that you wear, pants, shorts, underwear, and more! Just like shirts and other tops you can coordinate the types of bottoms you wear as well with your partner.


    Wearing matching Bikinis is a great choice for Pride. It’s an especially good look during a hot summer day when you are most likely going to be out in the heat. Just make sure that you use sunscreen on all parts that are not covered by clothing.

    Matching Thongs for Lesbians

    While this may seem like a strange clothing choice for some wearing thongs and having them be showing while you walk around is a pretty normal thing to see. Besides, one of the biggest parts of pride is self-expression, so if wearing thongs with your girlfriend is what you do to express your love then go for it!

    Bottoms Using The Same Fabric

    One thing we know about the human race, in general, is how creative and resourceful we all can be when needed. Perhaps you and your partner have managed to find a swatch of fabric that you like, but have no idea what to use it for? Why not make matching bottoms using that fabric? Whether it be shorts, skirts, pants, whatever! By making bottoms using that fabric you both coordinate with one another.

    Rompers with Coordinating Colors

    Rompers have become very popular in the past few years for a variety of reasons. After all, they offer the same ease as a dress with a bit of a twist. The romper itself features a bottom that is like a pair of shorts or pants, rather than a skirt. Because of how popular these have become, why not use them? You can easily find matching rompers and even decorate them with embroidery, pins, and other mediums for you and your partner to successfully coordinate.


    Bowties and Scarves

    Wearing the same type of tie or scarf can easily pair the two of you together in a crowd. After all, if you’re both wearing a bowtie that showcases your sexuality, everyone around you can easily see that you two are enjoying Pride together.

    Matching Necklaces

    Matching necklaces are another great option for neckwear, and you can show a lot of creativity by making necklaces for each other. Make a date night of it, and sit with some materials as you talk about color coordination and charms to add to your necklaces.

    Matching Arm and Leg Bands

    A more simple idea but effective. Make sure to pick out a pair that you feel comfortable wearing.


    Another popular choice in the fashion world nowadays. Suspenders now come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles that you and your partner can utilize to stylize your outfits for pride.

    Bags and Fanny Packs

    In all honesty, we much prefer fanny packs to larger more cumbersome bags as they tend to be easier to handle than purses and totes. Especially at an event like this. Like many other accessories, bags come in a variety of styles and colors that you and your partner can use to stylize your outfits for pride.

    Decorated Sunglasses

    Just like the necklaces, this is another potential idea for a date right before pride. You can simply sit with your partner while eating your favorite foods and watching a good movie and decorate a pair of sunglasses with each other. You may end up with something that looks goofy or silly, but hey that’s just part of the fun!

    Whole Outfits

    Sometimes the easiest method of coordinating a couple's outfits is to simply select a theme for the whole outfit and stick to it. By doing this you match yourself,  your partner, as well as to the group you belong to.


    Leather outfits, studs, chains, collars, anything you can think of! Leather tends to be a very popular outfit choice at pride. However you have to remember that leather can lead to chafing especially on a hot day, so make sure that you take the proper precautions for the sake of your health and safety.


    Many members of the LGBTQ+ community are active members of a multitude of fandoms. Therefore seeing their favorite character's out to support pride will most likely be a welcoming sight. But be warned if you choose to dress up in cosplay you will likely be asked for a picture or two.

    Glitz and Glam

    Just go all out! Tuxedos, ball gowns, and shimmering outfits that sparkle in the sunlight and become even more noticeable in the evening. For many Pride is the only opportunity they get to go all out so don’t be afraid to do so!


    Just like a lot of these other pieces of clothing you can easily coordinate your footwear as well.

    Parade Shoes

    These can pretty much be any type of footwear as long as they are comfortable to walk in. Matching tennis shoes and sandals, crocs with matching Jibbitz. This option is almost limitless!

    Glitzy Shoes

    This choice is less for casual events and more for the parties that are held around pride. You and your partner can walk around these events wearing matching heels, or boots and coordinate the final details of your fabulously glamorous outfits together.

    Get Ready to Look Fabulous Together

    Some people may think it’s a little bit cheesy, but working with your partner to create a fun look can be a wonderful experience. You will look amazing, and show the world that you are together. Besides, if straight folks can wear matching outfits when they tour Disney World, surely you can do it for Pride!

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