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8 min read

Lesbian Ass Eating-A Beginners Guide

Sex. It's been a topic for every art form in histo...

22 Feb 2022
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11 min read

Love Addiction: Are You Addicted to Love?

Does falling in love make you miserable? If findin...

19 Feb 2022
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10 min read

Sexual Chemistry or Love?

You've met someone. You are immediately filled wit...

18 Feb 2022
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4 min read

How to Put the Pizzazz Back into Your Long-Term Relationship

Life happens. And all relationships, traditional h...

18 Feb 2022
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9 min read

Finding Intimate Sex - It's A Bit Like Finding Nemo

Sex - it's not overrated, that's for sure. Think o...

17 Feb 2022
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14 min read

15 Lesbian Flirting Tips that Turn You into a Pro

Flirting is a complex thing regardless of sexual o...

16 Feb 2022
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