5 Tips on Protecting Your Privacy on a Gay Dating App

Last Updated 13.02.2019
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Even though more people all over the world are declaring their support for LGBT+ community, society is still struggling with discrimination based on sexual orientation. Gay people are constantly being assaulted just for who they love and even find themselves in danger because of their sexual orientation. Thus, they go online to find friends, to express themselves, to form their professional images and, of course, to date. At this point, a variety of dating services come for help, but according to recent media reports, their reliability can be questionable.Realizing that this is a problem for many gay people out there, we decided to share a couple of tips with you that Taimi Team gathered in cooperation with our users. Please, read these to make sure that you stay safe while making friends and looking for love online.Make sure that the app you selected has photo verification.One of the most widespread problems in the online dating world is scam and catfish. There are so many people online willing to receive your personal and financial information, rook you or simply satisfy their needs by abusing others. Judging from our experience, in 99% cases, these people create fake profiles with fake photos, so having in-app photo verification helps to block these profiles right after they are created. This, in turn, means that you can feel much safer using this kind of applications.2. Never share too much information with the people on dating appsIt’s ok to share your name or hobbies, however, sharing your bank account information or social security number is absolutely not necessary for making friends or finding love. If you want a proof that the person is real, have a video call with them instead, this will not only make this communication safer but will also warm you two up for the meeting offline. And, to be honest, it’s a very good filter if you have doubts about meeting that person at all.3. Take care of your private photosIf you want to store your intimate photos in a dating application, make sure that there are Private Albums there and that they are not in the open access. You need to be able to grant and take away permission to see your private photos. Besides, it’s not the best idea to send your private photos in the messages, especially if you don’t know the person. Giving access to your private album is a much safer way to share this kind of information. This feature definitely helps in case of unpleasant situations like regretting sending those photos at all.4. Remember that the Customer Support Team is there to help youIf you have doubts about using a dating application, you can always contact their support team to get to know more about the security measures within the app. Supporters are usually not like marketers, who are trying to sell the app to you, they are providing facts and are making sure that you feel safe on the app. Moreover, whenever you are having any troubles with any of the users, report them to the Support Team, this will potentially help other users as well.5. Be sure that your app is protectedWe all know that coming out is often very scary and complicated. If your sexuality is revealed after someone discovers a gay dating app on your phone, it might be heartbreaking. Make sure that you can hide the app properly, or protect it with a PIN or Fingerprint, or change its icon on your phone — this will really help you to keep calm and to keep your secret safe.We hope that these tips will help you with the selection of a dating app that suits you best and helps to maintain a peaceful mind. And remember, whenever you have doubts, Taimi Team is always there to help you ;)

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