5 best LGBT novels to read this Autumn

Last Updated 03.11.2018
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With autumn starting to strike with the sweater weather, rain and drizzle, it’s high time we bring together a selection of the best novels by LGBT+ authors.In our list, you will find queer and transgender adult fiction that’s exploring identity, politics, and love. Various media and LGBT+ activists recommended the books.‘Confessions of the Fox’ by Jordy RosenbergThis is a queering of the historical legend of Jack Sheppard, the master jailbreaker, thief, and carpenter of 1720’s London. It’s a hot romantic account of Jack and his more-than-lover Bess as well as the story of an academic who found a manuscript with their biography. The book is making so much more space for what ‘the trans novel’ can be and do.‘Paper is White’ by Hilary ZaidIn this book will sweep you along the delight and complicated love story of Ellen and Francine leading to their marriage. Ellen is an oral historian, interviewing Holocaust survivors in their last years; Francine teaches preschool. Both navigate troubled families, painful memories, shifting friendships, and the realities of romantic commitment. Their joy is not without sadness, and in their sadnesses are memories of joy.‘Disoriental’ by Négar DjavadiKimiâ Sadr is a Parisian undergoing fertility treatment, and in the waiting room of the hospital she frequents has plenty of time to think about the past, about families, and about belonging. She tells the story of her family in Iran, from her great grandfather the feudal lord who favored her grandmother for her blue eyes, to the dissident parents who protested the Shah’s repressive monarchy and found themselves hated by the Islamists who deposed him. The novel convincingly and powerfully explores the enormous weight of one’s family and culture on author’s queer identity.‘Speak No Evil’ by Uzodinma IwealaThis is a coming of age novel told from two perspectives. Niru, a young Nigerian man with a privileged upbringing and extremely strict parents. When Niru’s father discovers that he is gay, he takes Niru back to Nigeria to “cleanse him” of this evil. Meredith is Niru’s best friend, with emotional struggles of her own. Meredith also comes from a family of privilege, where appearances are everything. One night at a party one mistake leads to devastating consequences for them both.‘How to Survive a Summer’ by Nick WhiteWhen Will Dillard, aka Rooster, was in his teens, his father sent him to Camp Levi, a conversion therapy camp in central Mississippi. Therapy is a misnomer for what happens to the young men placed by their parents in the hands of Father Drake and Mother Maude, the camp’s leaders. After a tragedy occurs, the camp disbands, and the campers go their separate ways.

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